Powerful vacuum runs outside ensuring no debris reaches inside the home.

Long hoses extend to hard to reach ductwork while the unit remains outside.

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How do my ducts get cleaned - really?


A powerful mobile vacuum that produces 5250 C.F.M’s  (Cubic Feet Minute), 3600 RPM’s utilizes negative air pressure movement through out the entire duct system registers to the furnace supply and return plenum’s as well. Simultaneously a 175 PSI truck mounted compressor thoroughly cleans inside the duct work using an array of different agitating whips forcing all dirt, dust and debris towards the powerful vacuum unit. Because the machines are outside the residence none of the dust and debris cleaned out reaches the inside of the home. All the dirt is collected outside into a safe container to be hauled away.


Does any of the dirt cleaned out get inside my house?

The vacuum system only works inside the ducts however, because we want to leave your house as undisturbed and cleaned as before we arrived, we take great care in protecting the surrounding areas with large sheets laid on the floor to catch any loose dirt that may get away.


How long does it take?

Generally and depending on your system it may take between 4-6 hours.

Does my furnace need to be turned off?

To ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning of your system, your heating and cooling system will need to be turned off so we can properly remove all the debris.


Is Midcoast Duct Cleaning insured?

Yes we do carry liability insurance in the case if an unforeseen event.


Do you guarantee your work?

We stand behind our work so if for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, we will happily return to your home or job site and clean your duct work  again at no additional cost.


How much does it cost?

Because each system is different and may require a different amount of time to be thoroughly cleaned we offer free no – obligation estimates where we can provide you with a custom quote. Please give us a call at your convenience so we can offer you an accurate estimate.